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Greater Lawrence Community Action Council, Inc.
  • 305 Essex Street, Lawrence, MA 01840
  • 978-620-4729
  • Job Search Training
Job Readiness – Workforce Development & Adult Learning
Program activities:

Resume-Writing Skills
Job-readiness training programs typically help participants create a resume and write practice cover letters. By learning how to format a resume, list experiences, and showcase skills, participants can then use the output to apply for jobs.

Participants learn how to state their abilities truthfully, highlight activities relevant to the job, proofread a resume, create a cover letter, and follow up with a potential employer. For example, a good resume focuses on accomplishment, rather than just duties.

When employers receive hundreds of resumes for a job, they might screen resumes using an applicant tracking system that picks out the best resumes by looking for specific keywords. Job-training students learn how to choose the best keywords for their careers and use them in their resumes and on their LinkedIn pages, which employers also search to help fill jobs.

Improving Interviewing Skills
Getting a job typically requires completing a successful interview. Job-readiness programs typically help participants practice answering typical questions, such as why they are qualified for the job.

Using role-playing exercises, participants learn to listen, avoid talking too much, speak professionally, express an appropriate level of confidence, answer questions, and ask for additional information to show interest in the job without appearing desperate.

The program also helps participants learn what is expected of them during the rest of the hiring process. This program has students go through practice interviews in front of their classmates, who then provide feedback after. Also, this program record practice interviews and then allow students to watch, looking at their word choice, looking at their word choice, eye contact, and body language. The overall objective is for participants to learn about proper etiquette for job interviews. They will also practice responding to interview questions, building impromptu speaking abilities, and getting insight into the unwritten rules of interviewing.

Clothing and uniforms support is provided as needed by referral to a partner organization.

Program is offered in: English
Participant demographics:

Low income, Latino-Hispanic Origins, general population 18+ Age, Employed & Unemployed

Anticipated number of SNAP participants per year: 30
Total hours: 2
Program duration: 16 weeks
Rolling Admission: Yes
Number of cycles: 8
Sample schedule:
HoursActivity TypeMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Evening/PMResume writing
Evening/PMBuild your Resume
Evening/PMInterview Tips
Evening/PMMock Interview
Other Schedule Information: (2) Resume Writing Workshops per semester, from 5pm to 7pm (2) Interview Tips Workshops per semester, from 5pm to 7pm
Is the program offered remotely? Possible, but not typical
Is public transportation available? Yes

Location information:

305 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840. The MVRTA Buckley Transportation Center is located at 295 Common St, Lawrence, MA 01840, just behind GLCAC building.
98 East Haverhill St, Lawrence, MA 01840
Program is CORI friendly? Yes
Other outcomes: Employment/Promotion, Industry skills gain, Clothing and uniforms support is provided as needed by referral to a partner organization.

Participant Supports:

Participant Support CategoryAll participantsAs needed
DTA SNAP Child Care Referral
DTA SNAP Transportation Support
Are there any out of pocket expenses for the participant? No
Do participants receive any pay? Not applicable

Contact Information

Program Liaison: Email or call
Telephone: 978-620-4736
Program code: GLC-JST
ABAWD Qualifying? No