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Latino Health Insurance Program, Inc.
  • 88 Waverly St., Suite 150, Framingham, MA 01702
  • 508-875-1237
  • Vocational Skills Training
LHIP Healthy Coach Program
Program activities:

Participants in the LHIP Healthy Coach Program will receive trainings to facilitate evidence-based or evidence-informed workshops virtually and in person. Participants will be able to conduct 6 health care modules, including the National Diabetes Prevention Program or DPP, the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, the Diabetes Self-Management Program, The Fall Prevention Program, blood pressure self management trainings, and learn cultural norms and values for health care services. All health care modules are available in Spanish and English. People can complete the 6 months LHIP Healthy Coach Certificate Program, or just select individual modules to complete it at his/her own individual schedule. Our curriculum was created to help participants to become LHIP’s health coaches, which is becoming a very popular field for people interested to continue in a career in health care, as health educators, CHWs or in nursing. One of the health care modules include the Diabetes Prevention Program, which was created by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). LHIP is an Accredited agency to offer DPP to people at risk for type II diabetes, and as a Master trainer to train individuals interested to lead these workshops. Prediabetes has a high prevalence in MA, which is currently impacting 9 out of 10 individuals in the USA, and many do not know that they have this condition. Students will receive these workshops in person or virtually to receive a lifestyle Coach certificate, as part of LHIP Healthy Coach Program. This training will be without of cost to SNAP participants, who are enrolled in the Path to work program. These workshops are available to solely accredited organizations in MA. This preparation will give participants the opportunity to gain skills to offer these programs to individuals at risk of these conditions and  help them to incorporate healthy behaviors to control the development of the disease diabetes, while gaining important knowledge on the importance of better nutrition and physical activity. LHIP offers 6 health care modules to individual’s enrolled at LHIP Healthy Coach Program. Each module will give a certificate to participants after each completion, and teach them additional skills on how to calculate BMIs, weight management and learn other health care evidence-based programs, such as, diabetes self-management program, fall prevention, chronic disease self management program, and blood pressure self-monitoring. All these courses help participants to gain skill currently in high demand, as our medical system is transitioning to evidence-based and health outcomes based type of system. Facilitators are selected rigorously based on past training experience and ability to offer these classes. People will be trained in English and Spanish. LHIP Healthy couches after completion of the program, will be able to acquire the necessary skills to prepare to work in the health care field as, healthcare coaches, health educators, or prepare them to continue in a more advance training in the health care system, such as Certified CHWs or Nurses. These Health education modules will help individuals to increase their jobs opportunities, and able to seek employment in the health care system, as health educators, community health workers, health couches etc. For individuals with experience in the medical field, these new skills can refresh their knowledge, or will gain new skills. Individuals can apply their knowledge in their own work place, and able to gain promotions, and more job opportunities to increase and better their salaries. For individuals seeking to start a career in healthcare this is a wonderful training. Individuals will learn basic health topics including cancer education, diabetes prevention, and work with seniors, among other trainings. This program is combined with computer basic literacy classes to help participants to increase their employment opportunities and the use of new learning skills and technology.

Program is offered in: English, Spanish
Participant demographics:

Adults 18 and over, unemployed or under-employed & Health Care professionals

Anticipated number of SNAP participants per year: 30
Total hours: 30
Program duration: 26 weeks
Rolling Admission: Yes
Number of cycles: 2
Program start dates: Program starts September 1st and then every 6 months
Sample schedule:
HoursActivity TypeMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
9:00am-12:00pmHealthy Coach Program
6:00pm-9:00pmHealthy Coach Program
4:00pm-7:00pmHealthy Coach Program
9:00am-12:00pmHealth literacy training and computer skills
Other Schedule Information: Closed in December for holidays and student vacation
Is the program offered remotely? Hybrid
Is public transportation available? Yes

Location information:

88 Waverly Street, Framingham, MA 01702Accessible Via Public Transportation
405 Grove Street, Suite 304, Worcester, MA 01603Accessible Via Public Transportation
10 Kingsboro Street, Jamaica Plain 02030Accessible Via Public Transportation
Other requirements: Complete a skills assessment and English level testing
Program is CORI friendly? No
Anticipated outcomes: DPP Certificate and other evidence-based healthy modules
Other outcomes: Employment/Promotion, Basic skills gain

Participant Supports:

Participant Support CategoryAll participantsAs needed
Child Care
Test/License Fees
Tablets and WiFi
Are there any out of pocket expenses for the participant? No
Do participants receive any pay? Stipend paid as a wage
Other, please explain: Upon successful completion of the program, participants can continue gaining practice as health educators and a skill training coach for 1 year at a salary rate of $25. This opportunity will help participants to continue work at LHIP or in other health institutions to facilitate classes and potential new employment.

Contact Information

Program Liaison: Milagros Abreu
Telephone: 508-875-1237
ABAWD Qualifying? No