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Provider Information

Become a Provider

Becoming a SNAP Path to Work provider in Massachusetts makes a positive impact on the lives of low-income individuals and their families. By offering a comprehensive range of employment and training services, including job search support, education, vocational skills training, work-based learning, and work readiness, as a provider you will equip SNAP clients with the tools and resources needed to pursue their desired career paths and/or re-enter the workforce successfully. This approach recognizes that every individual may require different types of support to overcome barriers to employment and achieve sustainable job success.

The invitation to potential providers to join as a SNAP Path to Work provider underscores the collaborative effort required to support SNAP clients in achieving job success and economic stability. By expanding the network of providers, the program aims to enhance its capacity to deliver essential services, empower individuals to overcome employment challenges, along with improving their economic circumstances to build a better future for themselves and their families.

To express your organization’s interest in becoming a SNAP Path to Work provider and contribute to workforce development initiatives aimed at empowering individuals and strengthening communities, please see the information below. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming your organization as a valued partner in our efforts to support individuals in their journey toward employment and economic stability.

Interested providers can take the following steps to engage with the SNAP Path to Work program:

  1. Join an information session about the requirements, held the 4th Friday of each month from 1pm-2pm. Register below:
  2. Complete the provider summary information form using the link provided.
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